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4 Innovative Strategies to Elevate FECs


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Elevating Family Entertainment Centers in a Post-Pandemic World: Four Innovative Strategies

In a 2021 article for Forbes, Time Murphy explores how FECs can enact the expected growth between now and 2026. Tim Murphy is CEO of Boomers Parks, which is comprised of eight parks; six family entertainment centers and two water parks.

The following is a summary of his 4 innovative strategies:

1. Unparalleled Health and Safety Measures

The well-being of guests takes center stage. FECs are going above and beyond, with stringent cleaning routines surpassing minimum requirements. Boomers Parks, for instance, created a comprehensive training program for staff, setting the gold standard in safety and health protocols.

2. Reinventing the Business Model

FECs are reimagining their role, no longer confined to seasonal peaks. They’re breaking free from traditional pricing tactics that can erode profits. Instead, they focus on providing exceptional value for guests, encouraging longer stays and increased spending on food, rides, and games. FECs are broadening their horizons, targeting not just teens but also young adults and local businesses seeking engaging group activities.

3. Have Fun with Culinary Evolution

Say goodbye to the same old fare! FECs are expanding their menus to include healthier options like sliders, grilled chicken sandwiches, and salads. Creating inviting dining areas with TV screens for sports events and offering adult beverages enhances the overall food experience. Online ordering and delivery services ensure everyone can savor the FEC’s culinary delights, even from home.

4. Virtual Reality Takes Center Stage

FECs are ushering in a new era of immersive experiences. While classic attractions like roller coasters and bumper cars remain popular, the introduction of virtual reality (VR) gaming, competitions, and adventure rides adds a tech-savvy twist. These innovations not only captivate a new generation of guests but also open up opportunities for marketing to older audiences and local businesses seeking unique team-building experiences.

With these visionary strategies, FECs are not just surviving but thriving in a post-pandemic world. As the nation moves towards herd immunity, FECs are proving that innovation is the key to a vibrant and enduring future. Get ready for an exciting new era of family entertainment!

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