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Jan 21 2021
12:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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Winter Sale

Winter Sale!

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Day Deal for Four

Only $100 $200 


Four Ultimate 4 Hour Pass PLUS 1 Whole Cheese or Pepperoni Pizza & 4 Regular Sized Coca-Cola Fountain Beverages!


*Limit of 5 Packages may be purchased per person .

*Available in park and online. 



Day Deal for Two

Only $50 $100


Two Ultimate 4 Hour Pass PLUS 2 Combo Meals! 

*Combo Meals include: Chicken Strips Meal, Hot Dog Meal, Mini Corn Dog Meal or Chicken Wings Meal. Meals include entrée and fries. 


*Limit of 10 Packages may be purchased per person.

*Available in park and online.