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Starship Ride Logo

Embark on an Out-of-This-World Adventure on the Starship


42" Height
to Ride Solo

36" Height
with Adult

Secured Shoes

Spin into Space with one of Irvine's top Thrill Rides

Get ready to journey beyond the stars on the Starship, an awe-inspiring ride that will leave you breathless with excitement.

Starship at Boomers Irvine CA

Galactic Thrills Await

Step into the heart of an interstellar adventure as you board The Starship’s space-themed revolving drum. Prepare to be whisked away by centrifugal force, experiencing the sensation of being plastered against the wall as the excitement builds.

Defy Gravity

Brace yourself for the ultimate twist! Just when you thought the thrills couldn’t get any more intense, the floor drops away, leaving you suspended mid-air. It’s a breathtaking moment that defies gravity and offers an experience like no other.

Starship Ride at Boomers Irvine CA

Unforgettable Irvine Experience

The Starship offers an experience that’s not for the faint of heart. If you’re seeking an adrenaline-pumping escapade that challenges your senses, this ride is perfect for you. As the anticipation builds and the floor drops away, you’ll discover a newfound appreciation for the boundless thrill of space.

Ready to experience the ride of a lifetime? Join us at Boomers Parks in Irvine and set your sights on the Starship. Buy your tickets now and get ready to defy gravity like never before!

Starship Pro Tip:

Skip the Sandals

Secured shoes are required to ride the Starship, so wear some stellar sneakers and leave the flip flops at home!

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Enjoy food, drinks, and snacks from the Chill Zone to energize your group for a day of play. 

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Starship Ride Logo


WARNING: All participants must be in good physical condition and free from any limitations. Guests with prior or existing back, neck, joint, heart, or health problems should not ride. Pregnant women or guests with disabilities should not ride.

CAUTION: Certain rides and attractions have an inherent risk of potential injury. Starship is an outdoor participatory activity. This attraction is a high speed interactive thrill ride.

Boomers Parks is not responsible for the actions of others or injuries resulting from insect sting/bites or animal/reptile bites. Boomers is not responsible for property that is dropped or misplaced in the park. Participate at your own risk.

Should you have any concerns about the inherent risks or this activity or the rules of the Starship, please see the attendant or manager. Please be aware that video cameras may be in use throughout the park.

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