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Funworld: Ideas in Bloom


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The following is an excerpt from the IAPPA Funworld article, “Ideas in Bloom” by James Careless, June 1, 2021.

Renovating indoor and outdoor dining areas can reignite guests’ interest in these locations, says Tim Murphy, CEO of the Boomers Parks chain of FECs and water parks. “I have found that there are two kinds of guests at Boomers Parks: one guest that likes the heat and another guest that likes air conditioning,” he tells Funworld. “So we created both outdoor and indoor dining spaces with areas to hang out and enjoy some much-needed foods, beverages, and alcoholic drinks between all the fun in the park.” 

Outdoor areas include spaces with multiple flat-screen TVs, fire pits, and heat lamps when it’s chilly to motivate guests to stay longer and purchase more offerings.

Boomers Parks has refreshed its menus by “adding new Nashville hot and Korean barbecue flavor profiles and making a commitment to add new flavors each month for the remainder of 2021,” says Murphy. It has also moved from serving just beer and wine to now offering a full range of alcoholic drinks at five of its parks, as well as ensuring all restrooms are spotless and remodeled because “bathrooms and cleanliness make money.”

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