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Extended Park Hours on President's Day! Feb. 19

Special Park Hours

Mon- Thursday 4/8-4/11
12-2 Mini Golf / Arcade / Lazer Tag Open
2-9 All Attractions Open

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Lazer Tag Adventures at Boomers Park


44" Height


Battle for Supremacy

In this high tech game of tag, everybody is it! Your team enters a black-light battleground armed with light phasers. Keep your head down and your eyes open, because in this game, the hunter also happens to be the hunted.

A vibrating chest plate tells you when you’ve been tagged, and a computer records your score. After the game, compare scores and see who the ultimate Lazer Tag champion is.

Lazer Tag at Boomers Irvine CA

Get ready to embark on an intense battle of strategy and skill in our cutting-edge lazer tag arena. Dive into a world of glowing lights, high-energy music, and heart-pounding excitement as you navigate through the labyrinthine passages, seeking out opponents and outsmarting your rivals.

Awesome activity for Groups and Family Bonding

At Boomers Parks, we believe that shared experiences create lasting bonds. Lazer tag offers the perfect opportunity for families to come together, communicate, and strategize in a safe and exciting environment. Whether you’re dodging lasers with your kids or teaming up to conquer the opposing side, the memories you’ll make are guaranteed to be unforgettable.
Family playing lazer tag at Boomers

Cutting Edge Arena

Our state-of-the-art lazer tag arena is designed to provide an immersive and interactive experience. With atmospheric lighting, futuristic props, and challenging obstacles, every game is a journey into a new world of excitement.

Ready to step into the world of lazer tag? Visit Boomers Parks today and get ready to experience the thrill of lazer tag like never before. Our family-friendly environment, exciting attractions, and unforgettable memories await. Book your lazer tag adventure now and let the games begin!

Lady playing lazer tag at Boomers

Lazer Tag Pro Tip:


The tighter your squad, the brighter your victory lights will shine. Cook up a master plan together, cover each other’s backs, and brainstorm a genius strategy before you dive into the lazer tag arena. Get ready to zap, strategize, and conquer!

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CAUTION: Certain rides and attractions have an inherent riks of potential injury. Lazer Tag is an indoor participatory activity.

We are not responsible for the actions of others or injuries resulting from insect  sting/bites or animal/reptile bites. Boomers is not responsible for property that is dropped or misplaced in Lazer Tag. Participate at your own risk.

Should you have any concerns about the inherent risks or this activity or the rules of Lazer Tag,  please see the attendant or manager. Play at your own risk. Please be aware that video cameras may be in use throughout the park.

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