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Bumper Cars

Ultimate Bumping and Spinning Fun


44" Height


Spin Into Fun for All

Looking for an electrifying attraction that guarantees laughter and friendly competition? Our Spin Zone bumper cars create exhilarating family fun at Boomers Parks.

Enjoy the music and light show as you bump and whirl around the arena- but watch out, because bumping into another car will send them into an uncontrollable spin! 

Unlike ordinary bumper cars, our Spin Zone bumper cars take the thrill to a whole new level. Get ready to spin, bump, and laugh as you navigate your way through the arena. 

What sets us apart? These aren’t your basic bumper cars – they can rotate a full 360 degrees! Imagine the excitement of spinning in any direction, surprising your opponents, and strategizing your next move to outmaneuver them.

Whirl around the disco-themed arena

Our Spin Zone bumper cars light up the arena with vibrant colors, adding mesmerizing visuals to the heart-pounding action. Whether you’re challenging your friends or competing with family members, bumper cars promise an unforgettable experience that will have everyone talking long after the ride ends.

Exciting Fun for All Ages

Perfect for all guests who are at least 44″ tall, our Spin Zone bumper cars offer a thrilling adventure that’s hard to match. At Boomers Park, we’re dedicated to providing attractions that create lasting memories, and our Spin Zone bumper cars are no exception.

Ready to take a spin on the wild side? Visit Boomers Parks today and discover the joy of spinning, bumping, and laughing with our unique Spin Zone bumper cars.

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Bumper Cars Pro Tip:


Keep score of how many times your group members send each other spinning; loser has to buy everyone a treat or a round of drinks!

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Enjoy food, drinks, and snacks from the Chill Zone to energize your group for a day of play. 

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Bumper Car Operating Guide:

CAUTION: Certain rides and attractions have an inherent risk of potential injury. Spin Zone Bumper Cars is an indoor participatory activity.

We are not responsible for the actions of others or injuries resulting from insect sting/bites or animal/reptile bites. Boomers is not responsible for property that is dropped or misplaced in the Spin Zone Arena. Participate at your own risk.

Should you have any concerns about the inherent risks or this activity or the rules of Bumper Cars, please see the attendant or manager. Play at your own risk. Please be aware that video cameras may be in use throughout the park.

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